About the introduction of carton

I don’t know how much people know about the carton. Today, I introduce the knowledge of carton to everyone. In fact, it is also related to the paper industry in 2017. Everyone knows that paper is now a potential stock in the industry, and its radiation industry is also very Wide, then everyone knows why their sales are so good. According to data surveys, there are many reasons, but I will pick up some of the most influential on the carton, that is, the knowledge of the carton.

Cattle paper, which is used for peripheral packaging and bottom packaging, it is very attractive, especially with a noble appearance and characteristics, not resistant to breakage, and tear resistance is also good.

Corrugated paper is the base paper used for crating. It acts as much as other papers, so it is called corrugated paper. The biggest characteristic is its ring compression strength.

   The role of whiteboard paper is related to the role of the paperboard. The biggest difference is its color. The white paper is coated with white, which becomes pure and bright, with a clear color and smooth and beautiful.

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