Can scratches appear in kraft paper bags?

In the process of printing kraft paper bags, customers and manufacturers are concerned about scratches on the surface of kraft paper bags. Once the surface of the kraft paper bag is scratched, it will affect the appearance and make the kraft paper bag rough and not smooth. How to solve this phenomenon?

Scratches on the surface of the kraft paper bag are usually caused by friction during the entire printing process, and may cause friction on the printing surface of the kraft paper bag due to friction, eventually forming a scratch.

In fact, don't worry when there are scratches on the surface of the kraft paper bag. We can take the following methods:

1. First check the scratches on the kraft paper bag.

2. Apply the toothpaste to the scratched area and then wipe with leather oil or leather polish.

3. You can use a wax to gently apply scratches to cover the traces of the wax, then use a smooth bamboo to rub back and forth several times on the traces of the wax to promote the skin to re-gloss, smooth, and finally, wipe with a slightly damp soft cloth. The leather surface will eliminate scratches and restore the original shape.

The above is to teach you how to remove the scratches on the surface of the kraft paper bag. It is easy to use. If you don't believe it, you can try it yourself. With this approach, paper bag printers and customers no longer have to worry about this problem, but in any case, paper bag printers should be careful during the printing process to avoid scratches.

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