Green packaging is a circular economy in the packaging sector

With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, packaging is becoming more and more important in the national economy. At the same time, environmental pollution and ecological damage caused by packaging are becoming more and more serious. Garbage packed with solid waste is an important component, and people are increasingly aware of the damage to the environment. Therefore, green packaging has become the development direction of packaging world research.

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box of paper
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diy paper box

Green packaging has 7 connotations

The so-called green packaging is to protect human health and the ecological environment is conducive to commodity packaging. Green packaging is a circular economy in the field of packaging, and the use of the concept of circular economy is embodied in the field of packaging. In particular, the connotation of green packaging has seven aspects:

One is to reduce packaging. Packaging should meet the functions of protection, convenience, and sales conditions to minimize the use of packaging materials;

Second, the packaging should be easy to recycle, packaged to complete a specific function, and can be reused through appropriate processing;

The third is easy to recycle. Combustion through the production of renewable products, using heat, composting and other measures to improve the soil for reuse purposes;

The fourth is available. After the cans, bottles and other packaging materials are recycled, they can be used again;

Five will reduce corruption as packaging waste, which will ultimately not form permanent garbage and achieve the purpose of soil improvement;

Sixth, packaging materials and organisms should be harmless to the human body. Packaging materials should not contain toxic elements of bacteria, heavy metals, or these should be controlled in accordance with the following standards;

Seventh, the entire process of packaging products from raw material collection, material processing, manufacturing, product use, waste recycling, and final disposal should not harm the human body and the environment.

The green packaging industry has developed rapidly in China, and it has vigorously promoted the progressive cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The development of these industries has further promoted the development of the packaging industry. Therefore, we should promote the use of non-toxic, harmless, easy to recycle packaging materials or natural decomposition after use.

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