How to make a paper bag for clothes

The paper bag for loading clothes is something that everybody will encounter in life. We know that in reality, the paper bag for loading clothes is very easy to use, convenient, and can solve many troubles in our lives, but how to produce a paper bag I want to estimate that most people are really unclear. I believe that many small partners are also very curious. How is a paper bag produced?
Paper bags for clothes, printing is critical
The production of paper bags for clothes must first be the selection and printing of raw materials.
In real life, no matter what we cook or what we need, we must first prepare the raw materials so that we can make delicious dishes. In the production process of paper bags for loading clothes, we must first select ours. Whether the raw material is kraft paper, white cardboard, coated paper, black cardboard or special paper, if it is selected, it can be printed according to our recipe (design manuscript). When our raw materials are printed by the printing machine, The initial effect has come out, the only difference is that he is flat.

The paper bag to be loaded is produced and the next is the cutting of the product.
We all know that the paper bags for clothes are different in size and size, and naturally there will be different sizes. However, a whole piece of raw paper is obviously unable to continue the next step. Here, die cutting is required. Machine, cut our specific paper bag to form a matching ratio, so that the product becomes a small piece of semi-finished product.
Paper bag with clothes, film is very important
The third place is the film of the product.
In actual life, the surface of the paper bag for loading clothes is basically covered with a film except for the kraft paper bag. The purpose of this is not only to make the product waterproof, but also to increase the firmness of the product, and to improve the grade in the grade. So, in the third step, the filming process is dead.
The fourth step of the paper bag to be loaded is the special process.

There are a lot of beautiful paper bags for clothes. The special crafts they need are processed in this step, such as bronzing, hot silver, UV, etc. This is basically a step away from the finished product. When the special process is processed, the next step is to enter the manual station and do the final step.
Paper bags for clothes, the final hand is very focused
The last point to be produced in the paper bag for loading is the treatment of folding the bottom and adding the rope.
The last step in the production of paper bags is to fold the entire product, the bottom of the bottom, and the top of the rope, so that a beautiful paper bag of our clothes is produced.

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