In the process of making Hang Tags, there are three common Tags: time, cost and quality

         In the process of making hang tags, there are three common Tags: time, cost and quality.Many hang tags will be considered after the completion of a batch of hang tags. If all the tags are not consumed within a short time, the merchant may store them in the warehouse for a long time, which is the shelf life.

         This warranty is for different paper material and the hang tags to each process used in the process, as we are the most common physical processes, like hit convex, concave, hollow out, and some because production hang tags manufacturer of master paper judgment error, hot stamping pressure is too large, lead to hit concave effect is unable to change, to deformation paper material itself.

         After this process, the appearance of about 8 to 10 months or so, they can appear more on paper, and the stiffness, and a small part with the evaporation of moisture, cause we have a plane bending, into a weak form, the form of hang tags are no longer used, lots of green hang tags factory if no use laminating process, the time of this condition will be more short.

         In addition to the physical process of paper materials, the original paper material itself also differ, cardboard and single copper paper, cardboard storage ability is not as good as copper paper, but copper paper "overdue" phenomenon is more special, he isn't appear deformation, but in yellow, but generally will only when there is no single copper paper coated side appear yellowish phenomenon, and the yellowing of chengdu is not particularly evident, with single copper paper coated points side not often appear in front of consumers.

         On the contrary, since it is not suitable for film covering, many hang tags factories will choose paper board as the material, so the paper board is the kind that is prone to deformation.

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