The advantages and features of the paper display stand in practical application


First, green environmental protection

The paper shelf is in line with the requirements of international environmental protection organizations and is a green product. Discarded paper shelves can be reused by recycling the melt.

Second, high quality and low price

The value of the paper shelf is equal to or better than that of the similar metal display rack, wooden display rack, and plexiglass display rack. It can be used in combination with other materials, but the price is far. Products that are lower than similar materials.

Third, flexible personality

The paper display rack can be customized according to the product, and can be freely and flexibly matched. Strong freedom

Fourth, advertising

On the surface of the paper shelf, it is possible to design a copy and slogan that conforms to the product personality, and printing on the paper shelf can serve as an advertising effect of POP. The promotion of paper shelves can create a corporate brand in the terminal, improve the corporate image, and create high sales.

Five, fast and convenient

The paper shelf is small, lightweight and detachable and foldable. A complete set of paper holders can be placed in the same box to ensure easy installation. Use the carton to pack the paper shelves in the standard cabinet to maximize the use of space. It will not waste space and save logistics costs. It reduces the damage of the products caused by irregular collisions.

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