What factors should be considered in the design of green packaging?

First, according to the characteristics of the packaged goods, a detailed analysis of the packaging should be further evaluated by the function and basic characteristics of the function to achieve these minimum energy consumption of materials and energy, the lowest pressure on the environment.

Second, in the design process, not only the characteristics of the product structure, but also the product structure and materials should be analyzed. In terms of functional structure, it is necessary to find out the shape, size, category of the packaged goods, attributes, and transport, analysis to determine the scope of the functional structure and function of the package body or attachment to further clarify the purpose of the package. Whether the structure of the material, the analytical performance of the packaging material and the purpose of the packaging are rationally configured; the disassembly of the overall product, the material composition and the actual effect of the product are analyzed; the material type is reduced as much as possible in the same package for sorting and recycling; whether the material can be saved, Reduce volume and weight. It should be considered from the packaging cycle how to design to promote the resource consumption and environmental load generally described throughout the packaging cycle.

Finally, in terms of graphic texts, especially in the expression of design language, more attention should be paid to the promotion of environmental protection information, identification, name, color, aesthetics and other elements to meet the needs.

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