What factors should the design of electronic product Packaging box have?

          What factors should the design of electronic product Packaging box have?Text is essential to convey sales package information, a digital electronic products can be packaged without graphics, but not without text.Text design including Chinese, English, Chinese pinyin several.The text used for packaging electronic products shall include the brand name, commodity name, advertising language and explanatory text.

          The graphics designed by electronic product Packaging box are mainly product image, logo, brand image and decorative graphics.The biggest characteristic of photographic pictures is that they can reproduce the texture and shape of products realistically and accurately, and realize the transmission of images.When buying digital electronic products, it is generally not allowed to open the Packaging box to see the commodities inside. However, photography can directly reproduce the commodities on the Packaging and decoration, and it is more beautiful than the commodities inside.

          The colors designed by Packaging box, an electronic product, have the function of advertising to publicize commodities and attract consumers' attention, which plays a great role in promoting the rapid development of the sales market.Let designers in the design of commodity packaging color, as far as possible to design in line with the identity of digital electronic products color, in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprise products in sales.

          Color design, text design and graphic design are the three basic elements of Packaging box design for electronic products. They shape the basic framework of Packaging for electronic products and are an important part of Packaging box design for electronic products.Enterprises want to beautify electronic product packaging and corporate image display can not be separated from the three basic elements of the mutual cooperation.

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