What kind of oil proof paper bag is qualified

Nowadays, for many snack bars, it is very common to prepare some oil-proof paper bags, because this product is relatively hygienic, so that we are more comfortable when using it. However, we must choose a better quality oil-proof paper bag when purchasing.

So, what kind of oil-proof paper bag is better? Today we will briefly introduce some methods of identification.
When you buy a greaseproof paper bag, you must look at it and buy it again. Don't be embarrassed. The easiest way to do this is the tearing method. We can tear the greaseproof paper bag horizontally. If it has more burrs, it is the original pulp paper, which means that such a greaseproof paper bag is better.
Of course, in addition to this method, we still have a lot of ways to identify the quality of greaseproof paper bags. The best method is the combustion method. We can find a sample to burn. If the ash is not after burning. If it is spread out, the quality of such a paper bag is better.

When purchasing products such as greaseproof paper bags, how should the consumer check the quality of the products? For example, what are the relevant precautions? If it is a face-to-face purchase method with the merchant, the customer should observe the paper bag. Look at the appearance of whether it is not strong or open seams, if you want to check whether the paper bag meets the international food packaging standards, then smell it and smell if there is any smell inside.

In fact, if you want to check whether it meets the national packaging, there are many ways to verify it. For example, you can pour water into a paper bag. If you smell a strong smell, then you say that such a paper bag product does not meet the environmental protection and food standards. Knowing that the biggest effect and characteristic of the fritter paper bag is to have oil-proof effect, if there is water leakage when the water is poured, it means that such a product is not a real oil-proof product.
What we said above is not wrong. We have to look at the quality of the oil-proof paper bag before buying it, but the oil-proof paper bag still has to meet the following points to be a qualified oil-proof paper bag.

(1) The degree of protection of the quality of the contents should be appropriate so that the quality of the product is not damaged; (2) The coated paper bag packaging material and the oil-proof paper bag packaging container should be clean, safe and reliable; (3) Laminating paper bag The packaging container is suitable in shape and size for transportation, handling, storage, sale and use;
(4) The markings and instructions of the laminating paper bags are clear and concise, and can properly and accurately display and explain the performance and characteristics of the contents;
(5) The ratio of the cost of the laminating paper bag packaging to the value of the contents should be appropriate. Generally, the cost of the oil-proof paper bag packaging should be less than 15% of the selling price of the product;
(6) The volume of the space outside the commodity shall not be too large, generally not exceeding 20%;
(7) Laminated paper bag packaging waste is easy to recycle, recycle and treat. To reduce environmental pollution.

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