What should I pay attention to when printing on kraft paper bags?

Because of its environmental protection and unique retro style, kraft paper bags are often used by merchants in various occasions. In addition to the use of kraft paper bags themselves, merchants also hope to use kraft paper bags to enhance the brand awareness of their products. However, there are still some problems when printing in kraft paper bags. Today, FunWel Packaging will tell you what to pay attention to when printing on kraft paper bags.


1, the choice of paper

Kraft paper bag printing, when choosing paper, try to choose a smooth surface and good flatness. In addition, according to the customer's printing color requirements, print what color, print a few colors to judge the quality of kraft paper.

2, the adjustment of printing color

Kraft paper color is generally dark brown, printing color and bleached paper printing effect is very large, all the best choice of bright colors, eye-catching colors.

3. Adjustment of the printing system

The thickness of the suction of the nozzle is adjusted before the thick printing of the kraft paper, and the electric devices such as the double control, the skew control, the pre-rush control and the like are adjusted appropriately to prevent the kraft paper from rolling the machine. In addition, the separation nozzle and the paper feed nozzle should use a rubber rubber ring with a large diameter and thickness. Also, when printing a kraft paper bag, the center distance of the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder is kept constant, and only the center distance between the impression cylinder and the blanket cylinder is adjusted. The tightness of paper is far less than that of coated paper and offset paper. Therefore, printing pressure should be increased when printing kraft paper.


4, post-print design processing

The design of the kraft paper bag can not neglect the appearance design. This is an important condition for the kraft paper bag product to attract everyone's attention. The beautiful appearance will become the key factor for people to choose the kraft paper bag product. Therefore, some kraft paper bags are creative in design. The product will be more liked and welcomed by everyone. In the design and manufacture of kraft paper bags, we attach great importance to the design of kraft paper bag products. Diversified kraft paper bags will be more popular among you. In particular, some kraft paper bags with different shapes are often the object of consumers.

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