Why Required Quantity Affects Packaging Price A Lot

It is well-known that to lower the custom packaging order price, larger quantity would be needed. However, most of people still can not accept small quantity with high cost.

When you got a quotation that the offer is out of your budget, you might have a question in mind “how’s this possible!”

In order to learn WHY, let’s get to know the custom packaging process first.

Here’s the basic process for a custom order, no matter the qty is 100pcs or 1000pcs, process are the same:

1. Booking raw material;

2. Printing;

3. Doing lamination;

4. Create mould;

5. Die-cut to piece by piece;

6. Folding or glue by handwork or machine;

7. Packing.

So no matter how simple the product will be, there are still at least 7 process for an order to finish. Each process consumes production input.

Hopefully, above instruction can help you better understand the quotation and consider the order quantity.

If you want to know more information, you can click this link.


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