Why do some black tea and old white tea use paper Packaging all the time

         Since I fell in love with tea, everything with tea has been refreshing, whether it is the history of tea varieties, or the unique manufacturing process of each kind of tea, and recently, I suddenly have some interest in the packaging of this tea.Why do some black tea and old white tea use paper Packaging all the time.

         In the old days, tea was wrapped in brown paper, whether it was green or black.The paper bag is defective, because the seal is not enough, so the tea is prone to damp and green, also easy to contact with the air too much, aging too fast.Therefore, with the development, when the new materials appear, there are fewer paper Packaging products to contact directly, and most of the present paper Packaging is used as the outer Packaging of gift boxes.



         At present, paper Packaging is mostly divided into two layers: one is outsourcing, and the other is internally coated with aluminum foil to prevent tea from being affected by moisture.Now it is mostly used for green tea.But it is also a few, most or use very beautiful packaging.

         By contrast, the packaging of pu 'er tea and old white tea is really simple. It has not changed much and only USES plain tissue paper as the first layer of packaging.There are reasons not to change the packaging.

        In fact, this paper as a black tea packaging, because of the living environment and habits.The raw material of tissue paper comes from xishuangbanna, where there is a special plant named "ma SAN", which can be used to make very high-quality tissue paper.In the 1940s, the paper was adopted by the carabao and used to pack pu 'er tea, which has been used ever since.



        The advantages of this kind of paper: very strong air permeability, paper for the collection of preservation of tea packaging, such as old white tea and pu 'er.This requires that the aged tea leaves do not need to be over-sealed, they need to be oxidized with air.Therefore, unlike kraft paper, tissue paper has stronger air permeability, which is conducive to the full contact with air of pu 'er tea and old white tea, facilitating the late conversion.

        Strong adsorption ability, tea itself adsorption ability is very strong, easy to absorb impurities, odor.And tissue paper also has excellent adsorption capacity, can reduce the amount of internal tea absorption, so when the discovery of external tissue odor, immediately replace the storage site or odor things removed, to avoid infiltration into the internal, pollution of the tea.

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