Why do you want to wear a clothing tag? What is the role?

Why do you want to wear a clothing tag? With the increasingly prosperous clothing market, competition is bound to become more intense. For clothing brands, clothing tag is a very important link. The choice of accessories suppliers is especially important.


I think the tag is already familiar to everyone. From the texture point of view, paper is mostly made of hanging materials, and some are plastic and metal. From the point of view of the shape, it is more diverse: there are long strips, folds, rounds, triangles, pockets and other special shapes, which are really colorful and dazzling. And his design, printing, and production are very particular, especially the graphic design, to treat it as a small print ad, to carefully consider the following elements: necessary ingredients and washing instructions, especially washing Guidance, don't be too simple; for functional clothing such as down jackets, plastic underwear, warm clothing, etc. to have detailed instructions, do not simply use a few standard washing icons to reflect.

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