Why kraft paper bags are a fashion trend

With the advancement of society and the development of global warming, people are paying more and more attention to the harmonious coexistence of people and nature. In recent years, we have seen more and more such phenomena. Too many fast fashion apparel companies are coming. The more you use kraft paper bags as your own paper bags, what does this mean?

First of all, some fast fashion brands choose kraft paper bags, which are from the perspective of the times.

Traditionally, it has been the most advantageous weapon for the eyeball economy. Packaging always allows you to stand out from a large number of products. The long-term development has formed a situation of “over-packaging”.
With the continuous reduction of the earth's resources, the environmentally-friendly and recyclable style has become more and more fierce. As a large-scale fast fashion brand, the characteristics of reusable and easy-decomposing kraft paper bags have gradually become the mainstream in the garment packaging industry.
We can see that in recent years, not only foreign fast fashion brands have chosen kraft paper bags, but domestic sports brands such as Anta have also used kraft paper bags as their own clothing packaging. Green and green kraft paper bags must be future clothing packaging. A development trend in the industry.

The trend of environmental protection is a popular application of kraft paper bags in the clothing packaging industry.

Secondly, the kraft paper bag is used as a raw material, which is more in line with the characteristics of fast fashion and large price.

As fast fashion brands have their own characteristics, fashion, low prices are generally the most prominent features of their peers, such as the speed of a brand's style update, the development of other brands of technology fabrics, this is their most attractive Selling point, this requires them to spend more energy and money to invest, on the contrary, as clothing packaging, more around is just to facilitate the carrying of this property, the natural price is more affordable, as the raw material, the most environmentally friendly material Kraft paper bags are of course the most advantageous, which also represents a development trend of the fast fashion clothing packaging industry.

Kraft paper bag as a raw material, with the characteristics of large quantity and excellent price and the same positioning of fast fashion brand

Third, as a fast fashion brand from the perspective of propaganda, more attention is paid to advertising and celebrity recommendation, as long as the paper bag design highlights the brand characteristics.

Avoiding imaginary and pragmatic, let fast fashion pay more attention to cost-effectiveness. This shows that you can highlight your own brand in the design of paper bags. You don't need too much in the choice of craftsmanship, such as bronzing, hot silver, UV, smashing and smashing. The big price process can save the province naturally, the kraft paper bag plus monochrome printing, while highlighting its own brand, the price is also the lowest, very in line with the fast fashion, the large quantity and low price of clothing packaging requirements, kraft paper bags as clothing A trend in packaging is naturally a node that future businesses need to work hard to consider.

Kraft paper bags, the most important thing is to find the strength of the business, this is the guarantee of quality

Based on the above points, it is not difficult to see that in the increasingly fierce future, the focus of merchants has become more and more pragmatic from retreat. Good steel is used in the cutting edge, and the clothing packaging industry is also the same. In the future, more attention is paid to the combination of cost performance. Applying money to real core competitiveness is the correct opening model for the future apparel industry.

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