Book Packaging / Book Wrap Mailer / Book Postal Packaging

If you are running an online bookstore or owning an actual bookshop that has good sales, how could you not have the professional book packaging methods for your excellent service?

When you use our book boxes and book wrap mailers, you’ll certainly notice the difference. Our book mailing box is made of high quality corrugated cardboard which offers tough, lightweight protection for multimedia products and books.

This corrugated book mailer can be assembled by simply folding the book wraps around the contents to cushion and prevent movement. Of course, there are various box sizes to fit different sized books / CD’s. Our range of cardboard book packaging is ideal if you need to mail books through the post, for mailing books overseas or for mail order packaging. For online bookstores, you need to know that you have the means to get them to your customers in a condition they’ll be happy with. You also need to know that you’ll be able to keep your postal charges down.

Our book mailer is already priced competitively, but you can get more discounts for larger orders. If you need packaging for books, we believe that you won’t find a better product and a better deal than at Funwel Packaging.

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