Folding Paper Trash Box Waterproof Trash Box Eco-Friendly Garbage Bag

As the plastic bags bringing more and more serious impact on ecology, people now are paying more attention on environmental protection solutions.

Speaking of our daily life, people produce waste/trash everyday, most of them use plastic garbage bags which is an important factor of ruining the environment.

From this point, our company developed and designed an eco-friendly trash box with handles. This kraft paper garbage bin is waterproof and degradable.

The folding trash bag is light and foldable, it's with waterproof membrane inside. A very easy and convenient garbage collecting tool on train, ship and airplane. It's the best aero trash box for saving space.

Funwel Packaging Industry is not only a qualified supplier for green life but also a contributor for environmental protection. We are a manufacturer focused on printing and paper packaging production. We've been supplying this folding trash box to the international airlines, railway companies, and dealing with some buyers from the US and European countries.


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